What Mattered To You In 2015: Cheese, Idiots, Beer And Tacos

Every year we take a moment to look back at the Foobooz web statistics and see what it was that brought you to visit us. There are always some obvious things: Restaurant openings and closings, reviews, and our big packages like 50 Best Restaurants. But there are always some small, odd tidbits and trends that we discover while poking at the data.

So here’s what visitors to Foobooz were most interested in this year, and what we learned.

Cheese: You people love cheese and we love you for that. Cheese was actually one of the top ten terms that brought you to Foobooz in the past year, and that just serves as proof to us that our obsessions are your obsessions and your obsessions are ours. Cheese is awesome. Philly’s cheese mojo is strong. Here’s to a healthy Cheezbooz in 2016.

Idiots: People behaving badly in restaurants really brought the people through the door at Foobooz HQ. Whether it was people pretending they were the son of Jose Pistola’s Joe Gunn, or swiping money off the bar, you guys couldn’t get enough. Both stories were good for top-ten spots in terms of traffic.

Pizza: Yes, pizza is essentially one of Philly’s main food groups (along with beer, hoagies, pork products and tacos), but other than cheese (see above), pizza was the biggest food-specific search that brought you to Foobooz in 2015. Luckily, we love pizza about as much as you people do, so we spent a good amount of our time eating, pizza, arguing about pizza and, of course, writing about pizza.

Beer Gardens: 2015 was the year of the beer garden, no doubt.

More beer, bars and liquor: Because if anyone ever needs to find a Foobooz reader, you should check the cheese shop first, then the closest pizza joint, then any bar in the city.

Bad restaurants: Foobooz readers do love a little schadenfreude. A post about the closing of McFadden’s (and how happy we were about that) was the 10th most viewed post of the year.

Great restaurants: The 11th and 12th most viewed pages? The listing pages for Fork and Laurel–two of the best restaurants in the city.

Tacos: Just a few weeks back, we told you where to find the 20 Best Tacos In Philly. Tens of thousands of people have already checked it out, and more come every single day.

Le From Hop Sing: Our epic profile of the man who brought Hop Sing Laundromat to Philly ended up being one of the most viewed stories of the year. Which is pretty unsurprising since everyone in the city seems to have a story to tell about Le.

Cockroaches and Sick Lawyers: Because you people are weird. And that’s why we like you. Stories about roaches closing down a Main Line Chinese restaurant just barely edged out the tale of a hundred lawyers sickened by a Chinatown restaurant.