Same Same Debuts Seasonal Soup

Same Same Vietnamese restaurant introduces a spicy soup for the winter season

Eventually, winter is going to arrive. And when it does, what could be  more appetizing than a nice, hot, meaty bowl of soup to soothe your seasonal sorrows?

Well, lucky for you, Same Same Vietnamese restaurant in Northern Liberties recently introduced an authentic Bun Bo Hue soup just in time for winter’s cold-front.

Chef/owner Chad Kubanoff calls it “The King’s Soup” because of the oversized serving meant for eating double-fisted, with chopsticks in one hand and a spoon in the other.

Kubanoff also said, “it’s all about the side dish” and this soup’s authenticity derives from the traditional vegetable plate served on the side. The side plate includes shaved banana flower, shaved water spinach, bean sprouts, chili, lime and herbs like Thai basil that make this a real-life version of Bun Bo Hue.

“In this city, people that serve Bun Bo never serve that, and I understand why because it’s expensive, takes a lot of time and is hard to work with, but for me, it’s not Bun Bo unless it has these side vegetables,” Kubanoff said.

In the huge bowl of soup, the home-made recipe includes a hint of spice simmered with pork and beef bones, then flavored with fermented shrimp paste, lemongrass and a pineapple sate, which is made up of a lemongrass and chili blend. There is also shaved onion, scallion, cilantro and Vietnamese herbs, plus thick rice noodles.

Since it’s a soup fit for the serving of king, there’s a lot of meat filling the bowl too including sliced beef shanks and two different kinds of thinly sliced pork sausage — one steamed with cinnamon and one fried, both made from pureed lean pork.

The Kings Soup is served for $18.00 due to the pricey ingredients, but Kubanoff plans to bring the price down to $16.00 in the next week, plus an additional option for a cheaper version without the vegetables.

“There’s nothing cheap about it — it’s the king’s soup,” he said.

Same Same also offers other comforting soups served with a choice of toasted bread or rice noodles like Bun Ga and Bo Kho, but the Kings SoupBun Bo Hue — is offered specifically as a seasonal treat.

Kubanoff said he also plans to up their soup game this winter by introducing two more seasonal soups in upcoming weeks, including a vegan, coconut-based curry with fresh spices and a sweet and sour seafood soup.

Orders can be placed for pick-up and delivery by calling 215-625-4575 or online.

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