Is This the New Nodding Head?

Photo of a brewpub in South Philadelphia | Photo via LPMG Properties

Photo of a brewpub in South Philadelphia | Photo via LPMG Properties

A tipster tells the Passyunk Post he spotted what looked to be an under construction brewpub at 1939 South Bancroft Street (just about a block from South Philadelphia Tap Room). The Post ties the property to John Longacre (owner of SPTR, American Sardine Bar and Brew) via West Broad Properties Fund. That corporation shares the same address as Longacre’s LPMG Properties.

Reading the tealeaves, we’ve long suspected Curt Decker, owner of Nodding Head would be falling in with Longacre. When the Sansom Street brewpub closed, the beer wound up on tap at SPTR and American Sardine Bar without missing a beat. Each time I’ve crossed paths with Decker (more than once at American Sardine Bar) I’ve tried to get more information out of him, originally suggesting that he might be going into Longacre’s property at 17th and Snyder. Decker denied that (even before it became a Reddit rumor) but slyly smiled, noting that I wasn’t all that far off. But he’s steadfastly refused to share any information beyond that his new brewpub will be west of Broad Street and south of Washington Avenue. Of course that’s exactly where 1939 S Bancroft Street is.

And then there’s this: “Things Are Brewing in South Philadelphia” link on Longacre’s LPMG site. On the site, there are several photos of a seven barrel system being set up, presumably in South Philadelphia.

I’ve reached out to Decker again today, and if I get any confirmation or denial, I will be updating this post.

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