Free Pig Roast on South Street Next Tuesday

Chef Alex Boonphaya is hosting a Social Circles event for the first forty guests to share their experience on social media

Every Tuesday for the past few weeks chef Alex Boonphaya, owner of the Circles Thai mini-chain, has been hosting a “Hog Thai’d” pig roast at his newest restaurant on South Street.

Well, we tried it – and the pig meat was as juicy and tender as we thought it would be.

Each week Boonphaya gets a fresh pig from D’Artagnan, marinates it overnight in Thai herbs and spices, then roasts it and serves it with rice, bao buns, tamarind chili sauce and steamed vegetables including broccoli, carrots and bok choy for $17 per person.

All good, right? Well next Tuesday, Dec. 15, Boonphaya has scheduled a special “Social Circles” event, meaning that guests get to come and pig-out for freeliterally.

Beginning at 6:30 p.m., the first forty guests to reserve a spot at Circles will receive a free pig roast entrée. The only requirement is to post the experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the feast.

As this is Boonphaya’s third time hosting a Social Circles event (the previous ones sold-out in minutes), you should probably get on this one quick. Especially considering this will be the first time he offers his special pig roast as the meal.

With just the right amount of spices that added a little kick to the meat, the pork was juicy and flavorfully rich. As each entrée gets a portion of meat from each part of the pig, the head was the most tender, whereas the loin seemed to be the thickest meat – and the tastiest.

To experience a taste of Boonphaya’s homeland-inspired pig-roast recipe – for free – those interested in participating in the Social Circles event can make reservations by tweeting #FeedMeOnDec15 @CirclesThai. Make sure to include the amount of guests in your party, with 4 people being the maximum.

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