Sneak Preview: COOK’s January Schedule

And here we are again. It’s just about time for the COOK crew to post their January class schedule, and we’re here for you with an early look at what they’re offering. Ticketing goes live tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm, so whether you’re looking at using a class or two as a holiday gift (always a fine idea), or just to come and watch us torture some local chefs, it’s wise to get there early, know what classes you’re after, and start clicking.

So without further ado…

COOK January Classes

Tuesday January 5: OPEN STOVE XLI: Eli Collins of Local 44 vs Jake Herman of Rex 1516

Thursday January 7: A Taste of Lyon with Kenneth Bush of Bistrot La Minette

Friday January 8: COOKbook Author Event: Vegan Pasta with Peter Tarantelli of Simple to Gourmet Vegan

Saturday January 9: 7PM Ham Jam with Nick Macri of La Divisa Meats

Sunday January 10: 2PM Challah Making with Carly Zimmerman of Challah for Hunger

Tuesday January 12: Dinner Table Travels with Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby of Vedge and V Street

Saturday January 16: 1PM Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Presents: Pizza Making and Food Photography with Food Blogger Peggy Paul Casella and Photographer Albert Yee

Tuesday January 19: Salted, Smoked and Spiked with Laura Frangiosa and Maureen Stoebenau of The Avenue Delicatessen

Wednesday January 20: COOKing with Beer with Jessica O’Donnell of Good Dog Bar and Ben Lackey of Yards Brewing Company

Friday January 22: COOKing with Cheese with Karen Nicolas and Sande Friedman of Tria

Sunday January 24: 2PM One Shell Three Tarts with Jennifer Sokoloff of Vernick Food & Drink

Tuesday January 26: The Skinny for Eating For Your Waistline with Beth Kaufman Strauss of Grateful Plate

Wednesday January 27: High Steaks with Carmen Cappello of Emeril’s Chophouse at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem

Thursday January 28: GARCES SERIES: An Evening with Natalie Maronski of Volver

Friday January 29: Gourmet Pub Fare with Eli Collins of Pub & Kitchen

Sunday January 31: 2PM COOKbook Author Event: Bolder Baking with Samantha Seneviratne of The New Sugar & Spice

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