Breaking The Curse: Former Le Bec Fin Space Becoming A Warby Parker Store

This is the best news I've heard about 1523 Walnut Street in a long time.

This is the best thing that could possibly happen to 1523 Walnut. Or maybe the second-best thing (I once suggested turning the storied former home of Le Bec Fin into the world’s largest Jamba Juice, and still think that would’ve been a fine use for the space). Or, possibly, just one of a thousand best things that could’ve happened.

Warby Parker is a store that sells glasses (I think–if you want the details on that half of this story, go check in with our friends over at Shoppist), but it could’ve just as easily been a boutique that sold hats or a discount auto parts warehouse. Anything but a restaurant is the point here, because after the slow death of Le Bec v. 1.0, that fast death of v. 2.0 and the tragedy of Avance (which was basically killed by ghosts), this legendary address needed to be retired. Given over to some use other than the serving of dinners until a culinary generation (or two) has passed and everyone forgets about how much Le Bec Fin used to mean to this city–and how no new restaurant could ever possibly ever replace it.

Though not generally a superstitious man, I do believe in cursed restaurant addresses and the ghosts of old concepts haunting the bones of the new. So yeah, I’m happy 1523 Walnut is becoming a Sunglass Hut (or whatever) because the last thing in the world that Philly needed was some other owner getting sucked in by the memories of glory days long gone and trying yet again to resurrect something that needs to stay dead now for a good long time.

Want to know more? Sure you do. Check out what Shoppist has to say below.

Warby Parker Opening A Store In Former Le Bec Fin Space [Shoppist]