We Tried It: Holiday Water Ice from Rosati

Eggnog and pumpkin water ice.

Eggnog and pumpkin water ice.

Water ice and the winter holidays might not be the first thing you think of but Delaware County’s Rosati Ice is rolling out three holiday flavors. The company is offering Pumpkin, Eggnog and Peppermint flavors exclusively through Acme supermarkets (and what do you know, we’ve got a few new Acmes in town this week).

The staff here at Philadelphia magazine tried the pumpkin and eggnog flavors today and though some were immediately turned off by the bright yellow eggnog, or any mention of the word eggnog, others got to scooping. The eggnog was extremely sweet, but at least it was a sugar high, not a fructose syrup high. Once the initial sweetness went away, eggnog likers on staff started to nod approvingly at the flavor. That was followed by the thought all eggnog tastes are followed by, the conclusion it would be better with liquor.

The pumpkin flavor also received passing marks, but only by people who really liked pumpkin or pumpkin pie. Again, it was quite sweet, but it finished with a complex, nutmeg, spiced, almost herbal taste. Another staffer compared it to one of my favorite water ice flavors, root beer. And if root beer can work as a water ice flavor, so can pumpkin. Rosati recommends adding whipped cream and nutmeg to enhance the idea of a chilled pumpkin pie dessert. We on the other hand spiked it with some rum we had in the office.

All three of Rosati’s holiday ice flavors are gluten-free, cholesterol free, and lactose free and if you want something to talk about at the Thanksgiving dinner table beyond how woeful the Eagles have been looking, pumpkin, nutmeg or peppermint water ice will provide plenty of conversation.

Rosati Ice [Official]