Jon Cichon Is Cooking For A Corsican Wine Dinner At Lacroix

Raise your hand if you can point to Corsica on a map.

That’s what I thought.

If your geography knowledge is as poor as the average American’s, it’ll help if I tell you that Corsica is that big isle just north of Sardinia, the smaller of the two masses of land smack in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. While Sardinia is part of Italy and Corsica is part of France, both represent craggy, mountainous terrains and lingering overlap of the two cultures. Though Corsica is perhaps better known for its hiking options than its drinking ones, Corsican wines, their flavors influenced by the mountains and oceans of where they’re from, are making inroads in the global wine community.

Try some of these wines this Friday, November 6th, at 7:00, at Lacroix, where executive chef Jon Cichon is preparing a custom menu to accompany wines from importer Kermit Lynch and winemakers Antoine Arena, Yves Leccia, Jean-Charles Abbatucci, and Clos Canarelli. True wine nerds will relish the opportunity to taste these wines, largely produced from grapes native to the region, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that Cichon has developed each dish on the Corsican-style menu specific to the occasion: red mullet with octopus, potato, and garlic; squab with tomato preserves, cabbage, and dill; and an entree of sweet and sour lamb. While there is never a shortage of wine dinners around town, this one seems as though it’ll be one where you can actually taste something truly special.

Tickets are pricey at $195 per person (not including tax or tip), but that does cover six courses, each including a wine pairing. Here’s the full menu. Reserve your seat via e-mail.

The Wines of Corsica

with special guest Mr. Lyle Railsback of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Hors d’oeuvres

Yves Leccia IGP Île de Beauté ‘Biancu Gentile’ 2013

Swiss Chard and Sea Urchin Tart

Clos Canarelli ‘Corse Figari’ 2013

Red Mullet

Octopus, Potato, Garlic

Domaine Comte Abbatucci ‘Cuvée Faustine’ Rosé, Ajaccio 2014


Tomato Preserves, Cabbage, Chili

Domaine Maestracci Corse Calvi ‘E Prove’ 2010

Sweet and Sour Lamb

Yves Leccia Patrimonio 2007


Antoine Arena Patrimonio ‘Carco’ 2012


Fig, Apple

Antoine Arena Muscat de Cap Corse 2010

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