Wyndridge Farm At Strangelove’s Tonight

And they're bringing their cider.

If you haven’t yet tried the line-up of craft beers and hard ciders from Wyndridge Farm, now’s your chance. Tonight, from 5 until 7, Scott Topel, Wyndridge Farm’s Cider Master (who also happens to be an accomplished finger picking guitar player, FYI) will be on hand at Strangelove’s to talk brews.

Why should you care? Well, first of all, Wyndridge is relatively new on the scene, but they’re based nearby in York county. The year-old brewery is two hours away from Philly on a 77-acre farm in Dallastown, Pennsylvania. It’s the project of a former orthopedic surgeon, Steve Groff, who, along with his wife, Julie Groff, built Wyndridge on their family’s farm following a cycling accident that very nearly left Steve paralyzed. After his recovery, Steve quit medicine and Wyndridge was born.

“It is exciting to see people following their dreams and being able to be part of that,” says Strangelove’s owner Brendan Hartranft, “It also helps that they make incredible beers and ciders.”

“What we really like about Wyndridge is that they stick to very classic styles without ever going overboard for the sake of going overboard.” Tonight, you’ll have a chance to try the an American Pale Ale made with malt and ‘wet’ hops, both sourced from PA. The Laughing Crow IPA on cask that has guava added and Hartranft thinks that tropical fruit helps support the already tropical characteristics imparted by the hop varietals used in the beer. They’ll also have Wyndridge’s Barn Dog Porter, a which is steeped on Madagascar vanilla beans and cacoa nibs from Ghana.

True cider fans will relish the chance to taste a collaboration cider Wyndridge made in collaboration with Philadelphia Distilling, a cider rested on the same botanicals they use for Blue Coat gin. Says Hartranft, “Not only is the cider terrific, but it is a nice nod to the notion that there really is no competition when it comes to craft, just a lot of like minded people sharing their passion with one another and making something they can share with our guests.”

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