Heffe Opens in Fishtown

Heffe is now open | Photo by @Phillyfoodie_Hunter

Heffe is now open | Photo by @Phillyfoodie_Hunter

Heffe Tacos has opened at 1431 Frankford Avenue (the corner of Frankford and Marlboro Street). The walk-up taco joint from Peter McAndrews (Paesano’s, Modo Mio, Monsu) quietly opened late last week with the tagline, “Tacos That Don’t Suck.” The menu definitely looks like it was created by the same man who came up with the winning sandwich combinations of Paesano’s. So don’t look for traditional Mexican tacos but riffs that take influences from across the Latin world as well as the Mediterranean. And there are several creations, like the Americano burrito, crispy pork roll, rice, beans, Jack cheese, lettuce, salsa and an over easy egg that are pure McAndrews.

Tacos come two to an order and cost between $6 and $9. Burritos, a couple of soups and “Tijuana Poutine” round out the menu.

Heffe is open for lunch and dinner daily, and till 3 a.m. on weekends.

Tacos (2 Per Order)
All tacos come with cilantro, onion and radish

Almost Pastor – $7
Pork, salsa rosa, pineapple, queso, fresco

Mac Daddy $8
Beef cheek, plumb mostarda, red chimichurri, queso fresco

PoleYO $7
Fried chicken thighs, cabbage, cancho mayo, chinchilla cheese

Kraken $8
Fried octopus, Mexican cheese, chimichurri, spicy tomato jam, queso fresco

Menudo $4
Hangover Soup – If you need it, GET IT!

Lengua $7
Calves tongue, ancho raisin puree, cabbage, lime crema

Plain Jane $6
Ground beef, lettuce, roast tomato, Jack cheese, salsa rosa, crispy tortilla

Willie Make It $8
Spicy chorizo chili burrito – cabbage, salsa rosa, beans, Jack cheese, waffle fries

Betty Won’t $7
Quinoa burrito – Chickpeas, roast tomatoes, almonds, chimichurri, sweet pea guacamole

Americano $8
Crispy pork roll, burrito – rice, beans, Jack cheese, lettuce, salsa rosa, over easy egg

Bellicimo $9
Lamb belly burrito – Fried egg, paprika, chickpeas, pickled jalapeno, gooey cheese, chimichurri

Fat Man $8
Crispy Chicken Burrito – Bacon, queso American, rice and beans

Queso Fondito $6
Gooey cheese quesadilla – street pea guacamole, mushroom, salsa rosa (add any meat $2)

Tijuana Poutine $6
Waffle Fries, queso Americano, cilantro, onion, pickled jalapenos, Mexican chili, over easy egg

El Heffe $8
Sweet churro bun, hot dog, coleslaw, Jack cheese, chili

Chicken Corn Chowder Soup $4

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