Six Classic Bar Foods for Modern Tastes


Crab fries at Varga Bar | Photo by Neal Santos

Philly’s best bars don’t just know how to shake a fine cocktail. here are six classic bar foods for modern tastes.

Crab Fries at Varga Bar

By this point, everyone should already know about the crab fries here — real crab fries, topped with lump crab and fontina béchamel. And while they’re all the reason you should need to visit Varga, everything else on the bar menu (from duck confit chicken wings to Moroccan lamb lettuce wraps) is almost as good.

Potato Skins at Franky Bradley’s

You think you know what potato skins taste like, but then you go to Franky Bradley’s and get a plate of spuds loaded down with house-smoked brisket, aged cheddar, horseradish crème fraîche and scallions, and you remember how good they can be.

Cheeseburger at Fountain Porter

Because when the cheeseburger is just five bucks, hell yes it’s a bar snack.

Freedom Tacos at Jose Pistola’s

Imagine an El Paso taco kit, but with Kobe beef picadillo and the euphoria that comes with crunching through a hard taco.

House-Made Pretzels with Beer Cheese Sauce at Alla Spina

In a city known for soft pretzels, these are the best. And that’s before you add the addictive, spicy beer cheese sauce.

Whiskey and Sage Bread at Pub & Kitchen

Pay for bread? Well, beer’s liquid bread, and you pay for that. And beer doesn’t even come with honey butter.

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