Cheap Sapporo, Soju And Korean Fried Chicken During Southgate’s New Happy Hour

Southgate launched their new fall happy hour menu with both food and drink specials

You guys know about Southgate, right? The Korean fusion gastropub in Rittenhouse/GradHo just brought home a solid two-star review a couple days ago from Jason Sheehan, who went a little crazy for the burger, the Korean chicken wings and pretty much everything else on the regular menu.

Well guess what? They just rolled out a new new happy hour menu last week, and you should seriously consider making some plans to drop by.

The drink menu features $6 red and white sangria and house wines, $4 Sapporo pints and a $5 “Southgate Citywide Special” (Sapporo and a shot of soju).

The kitchen is doing $3 Southgate trail mix, honey butter popcorn and french fries (spicy or plain), $5 sweet potato fritters (which are excellent) and house-made pretzels with scallion sesame butter and gochujang mustard, and a $6 twice-fried Korean fried chicken sandwiches with house-made pickles and spicy sauce on a seeded roll.

The specials run from 5pm-6:30pm Tuesday-Sunday and if you’re still sitting at your desk after hearing about those pretzels, you’re just crazy.

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