Pizza Is (Finally) On The Menu At Petruce et al

And they're doing a corkage-free Sunday, too.

Back in 2013, back when Justin and Jonathan Petruce had just signed a lease for their Walnut Street restaurant, the p-word (one that isn’t their last name) got thrown around a lot.

“So the place is going to have a wood-fired oven?”


“And Jonathan Petruce staged at a pizzeria in Naples?”


“So there’s gonna be pizza at Petruce, right?”

“Well, no…”

Sure, the brothers Petruce have popped up a pie or two here and there when it suited them, but following a successful test run the weekend that the Pope was in town, they’re now planning to do it consistently.

Thursday through Saturday from 11:30 until 3:00pm, Petruce will have pizza. The brief lunch menu also includes lasagna and a Caesar salad of kale and Mexican sour gherkins, but it’s those pies that’ll be pulling people in. Small and blistered with pleasant char from that wood-burning oven, and with toppings ranging from the very simple (margherita and marinara) to the more dynamic (speck, potato, and cabbage; pork sausage and shishito peppers; and octopus, black olive, and red onion), at $10 to $14 each, they’re a bargain.

What’s more, Petruce is now making Sunday evenings corkage fee free. Typically, bringing your own will cost you a standard corkage fee of $25. But now, on Sunday nights, the restaurant is going corkage-free. Of course their excellent selection of wine and spirits will still be available, should you like to begin your evening with an aperitif or end it with a little something stronger.

The best news of all though, is that for a limited time, while they’re fixing their grill, these pizzas from their lunch menu are available at dinner, too–which means that this coming Sunday you might just be able to make all your pizza-and-wine dreams come true.

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