Lo Spiedo Crew Collaborating With John Besh’s Domenica

Murals by "Distort," the same artist who did the much more wild artwork at Alla Spina.

They’re saying its in celebration of the Saints-Eagles game on Sunday, and who knows? Maybe that’s really true.

But honestly, that doesn’t matter. What does matter very much is that Domenica is an excellent restaurant, John Besh is an often amazing chef, and that short of booking tickets to New Orleans, Domenica’s crew dropping in at Lo Spiedo is gonna be your best shot at getting a taste.

The event is happening at Lo Spiedo this Saturday (October 10) and will be running pretty much all day–or at least until they run out of food. Lo Spiedo’s regular menu will be available, but the Domenica team will be doing their own thing as well, side-by-side. Look for whole roasted cauliflower with sea salt and whipped feta, octopus carpaccio with fennel and citrus, wild mushroom toasts with bone marrow and mascarpone, plus a spread of New Orleans-style cocktails being poured by Lo Spiedo’s bar crew.

Oh, and the best thing about this set-up? They’re doing it as a prix fixe. So $45 gets you through the door and allows you to order dishes off of wither menu.

NOTE: For those of you looking forward to the Lo Spiedo/Domenica Cage Match at 7pm on Saturday, that isn’t happening. This is what’s going on in its place.

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