Fine Palate Opens In Old Treemont Space

And we've got a look at the food and the menus.

Shuttered since midsummer, the lights are finally back on in the lofty space on South 15th street that once housed The Treemont. This time it’s got nothing to do with Chip Roman, though…

Fine Palate, the catering company behind the food and beverages at Le Bok Fin, has taken over operation of the space, and they’re running it as a fine dining restaurant. After their summer on a roof deck, owner Courtney Dow and chef Vince Joseph  are still settling into their new digs, but they’ve kindly shared with us their opening menu and some food shots as well.

And now we get to share them with you. First, the menu:


Hen Matzo Soup $6

Hen consume, matzo and chicken dumplings

The “Paris” Dog $6

Beef hot dog in a French demi baguette

Skewers “Yaki” Style $2.50ea

Yakitori style skewers over wood grill

Smoked Eggplant Caviar $8

Roasted eggplant and Armando Manni olive oil with baguette

Shishito Peppers Tempura Style with Japanese Sausage $6

“You might get one that’s hot” Japanese Peppers with our Thai chili sauce

House Marinated Olives & Pickled Vegetables $7

Farm fresh vegetables and a mixture of olives from around the globe

Just Fries $5


Chitarra Pasta in San Marzano Sauce $13

Guitar cut pasta with basil, garlic and San Marzano tomato sauce

Angolotti Pasta $18

Pasta stuffed with Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper Cheese with braised lamb

White Truffle Risotto M.P


Daily Oysters $2ea

Daily sourced oysters “chefs” style

Swordfish Harissa $16

Line caught lightly seared swordfish with spicy Tunisian chili pepper

Live Steamed Scallops on the Half Shell $5ea

Live steamed scallops on the half shell with ginger and green onion (When Available)

Veal Tartar $16

Stone Ground Mustard-“Larousse Gastronomique” style with onions, capers, and egg yolk

Octopus $14

Grilled, slightly charred Spanish octopus with slow cooked potato buttons


Potato Cheese Croquettes $5

Next day potato puree with cheese then fried

Roasted Daily Foraged Mushrooms $8

Local mushrooms from our forager Phillip

Fresh Mozzarella & Pickled Green Tomatoes & Aged Balsamic $10

Fresh handmade mozzarella with house pickled green tomatoes and 100 year old balsamic vinegar

Green Salad $7

Daily fresh greens from the chef garden

Charred Cauliflower with Roasted Black Pepper $8

Charred cauliflower florets with fresh roasted and cracked black pepper

Steamed Artichoke Hearts $10

Hearts of the artichoke, steamed in olive oil, garlic and parsley

Larger Plates

Roasted Hen with Roasted Potatoes $22

Whole hen with potatoes and herb-chicken jus

Whole Fish M.P

Bamboo steamed filet with choy sum, fermented black beans in a ginger sauce

Japanese Paella “Kamameshi” $40

Kettle rice with shellfish, green chili Japanese sausage

28oz Aged Bone-in- Ribeye $65

Creekstone Farm” grass fed rib eye cut with potato puree


Churros & Chocolate $7

Fried choux dough. Originating from the Ming Dynasty. Dusted with sugar and thick, rich dark chocolate for dipping

Strawberry Rhubard Tart $8

Tart and sweet pie made with strawberry and rhubarb

Sata Andagi Okinowa Donuts $7

Sweet deep fried Japanese doughnuts

Figs & Mascarpone $6

Tiger figs and mascarpone cheese with lavender honey

And now some pictures of the stuff on the menu:


Fine Palate [Official]