City’s Crappiest Bars Unite for Philly Pope Pub Crawl


If what you really want to do during the pope’s upcoming visit is drink Miller Lite while hanging out at some of the city’s worst bars, we have the answer for you: The Pope Crawl 2015.

We heard about this event a while back, and then we heard that it might not be happening. But it seems like things are moving full steam ahead, with over 9,000 foolish people RSVP’ing “yes” on the Facebook event. And promoters still selling tickets, which are priced at $10 or $5 per person on a group rate.

Though there are a couple of places on the official pope pub crawl list that aren’t quite so bad, overall, the list represents the city’s crappiest bars and is hardly something representative of either our great city and its great bars or of the massive event that the pope’s visit is.

Here is the official list of the bars that the promoter claims to have involved:

Ladder 15
Raven Lounge
Drinker’s Pub
Irish Pub 22nd Street (We’re assuming they mean 20th Street)
Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse
Green Room
Urban Saloon
Buffalo Billiards
Tavern on Broad
Tir Na Nog
Irish Pub 12th Street
Cavanaugh’s Head House
Paddy Whack’s
Wooly Mammoth

Hardly “Philadelphia’s most iconic bars,” as the promoters are touting.

“It’s so epically bad,” says Foobooz founder Arthur Etchells. “Like they tried to find the worst bars, and succeeded.”


Should this particular brand of torture intrigue you, you should know that things kick off at noon and that you get your first drink at your first stop on the pope pub crawl free thanks to Miller Lite and Tito’s Vodka. There will be discounted drinks at all locations. And should you want to continue the papal pubbing putridity after the 8 p.m. end time, you can go hang out at the appropriately awful CODA, which is hosting the after party.

The Pope Crawl 2015 [Facebook]