Federal Distilling Opening in Kensington

stateside-vodka-federal-distilling-940Philadelphia is getting another new distillery. Federal Distilling is coming to 161 Cecil B. Moore Avenue (next to Keystone Mini Golf) in the Kensington neighborhood. The distillery’s first product, Stateside Vodka should be hitting restaurant and select PLCB stores in mid-October. Further down the road, a tasting room will open at the distillery.

Federal Distilling is the result of Clement “Clem” Pappas and brothers Matt and Bryan Quigley. Matt Quigley is the distiller, he has completed a distiller apprenticeship through the University of Michigan and been a spirits consultant for several brands in the United States and Poland. The three met through a mutual acquaintance who strategically left Matt’s business plan at Clem’s 40th birthday party around the 2013 holidays. The plan worked and the distillery project took off.

The three are “unapologetic vodka drinkers” and plan to “make the best vodka possible–and make it here in Philly.” The vodka is made with GMO-free corn from Missouri and is distilled seven times and infused with a blend of minerals.

The distillery is outfitted with a German-made Müller still that arrived a few weeks ago via cargo ship, accompanied by a representative from the company. They have all their licenses and permits and are ready to go. Ultimately, the still will be able to produce up to 3,000 bottles a day. And that’s not just vodka. But Federal Distilling is focused on its flagship Stateside Vodka for the time being. A 750 ML bottle will retail for $27.99 and will be one of the first participants in the PA Spirits Program, which will allow Pennsylvania producers shelf space in a locally-made section of select stores.

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