Brunch With The Breakfast Club This Weekend At Southern Cross Kitchen

Derek Forbes, the bassist from Simple Minds, is gonna be there, which is weird for many different reasons.


Ok, quick: Think of the weirdest possible way to celebrate your love of the movie The Breakfast Club.

Got it yet?

If you said, “By having brunch in Conshohocken while the bass player from Simple Minds plays an acoustic set celebrating the 30th anniversary of the song “Don’t You Forget About Me,”” then you are in LUCK because that’s exactly what’s going to happen on Sunday, September 13th at Southern Cross Kitchen.

No, I’m not kidding even a little bit. See, bassist Derek Forbes from Simple Minds is in town touring with his buddy John McNutt (who played with Forbes in Spear of Destiny for those of you not totally up on your 90’s post-punk music history). What with the anniversary of both the movie and the most famous Simple Minds song ever coming up, they decided to throw together a nice little ensemble and play an acoustic show to mark the occasion.

That show will be happening in Conshohocken (for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me). From 10am until 3pm, the crew at Southern Cross Kitchen will be offering unlimited mimosas, bloody marys and screwdrivers for $12, plus a full menu. No word exactly when Forbes, McNutt and their local backing band (including vocalist Danny Beissel, drummer Marc Iezzi, and keyboard player Tim McKinstry) will be taking the stage, but you can always check the Southern Cross Kitchen website for more info.

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