COOK’s October Class Schedule


Hey guess what? COOK’s schedule of October classes just went live earlier this afternoon. So for those of you looking to learn a little something about Belgian beer, French pasties, Italian wines, vegan noodles or Basque cuisine, this should be a big day.

We’ve got the full schedule after the jump, and tickets for all classes are available now.

October Classes At COOK

October 2: Not Another Jewish Holiday with Ari Miller of Food Underground
October 3: 2PM Bread Baking-101 with Chad Durkin of CAD Culinary
October 4: 2PM Superb Sourdough Making with Jonathan Petruce of Petruce et al
October 6: 6PM COOKbook Author Event with Holly Ricciardi of MAGPIE: Sweets and Savories From Philadelphia’s Favorite Pie Boutique
October 7: An Evening in Montelpulciano with Andrew Masciangelo of Savona and Shawn Dore, Sommelier and Wine Educator
October 8: Bistrot La Minette 7th Anniversary Dinner with Kenneth Bush of Bistrot La Minette
October 9: 12PM COOK Restaurant Sneak Peek: Herban Preview with Kalefe Wright, Amir Fardshisheh and Chris Paul of Herban
October 10: 4PM Belgian Beer Study with Meredith Rebar and Garrett Lee Williams of Home Brewed Events
October 14: Vegan Noodle Bowls with Christina Martin and Christopher Dougherty, Culinary Instructors
October 15: 12PM Introduction to Solid Baby Foods (4-8 months) with Eleonora Barbieri of Baby Steps Philadelphia
October 17: 6PM COOKbook Author Event with Katie Webster of Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup
October 18: 1PM STARR SERIES: French Fall Tarts with Abigail Dahan of Parc
October 19: An Evening with Josh Lawler of The Farm & Fisherman
October 21: An Evening with Brian Ricci of Brick and Mortar
October 23: COOKbook Author Event with Edwin Garrubbo of Sunday Pasta
October 25: 1PM Autumnal Apple Desserts with Peter Scarola of R2L
October 27: Open Stove XL
October 28: GARCES SERIES: Basque Country COOKing with Jose Olmeda of Tinto
October 29: An Evening with Crawford Koeniger of Agricola
October 30: COOKbook Author Event with Leticia Moreinos Schwartz of The Brazilian Kitchen and My Rio de Janeiro

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