Joe Sixpack Has A New Job

He's just been hired as the executive director of the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild.

The GaGardenStateBrewLogorden State Craft Brewers Guild has announced that it’s hired beer writer Don Russell as its first executive director. Russell, who writes the Joe Sixpack column for the Daily News, served as co-founder and executive director for Philly Beer Week until 2013 when he left acrimoniously over what PBW chairman William Reed said was a dispute over compensation.

According to the job posting, the guild sought a part-time executive director to oversee and execute every conceivable aspect of operations, from accounting and budgeting to marketing, membership, event planning, vendor relations, lobbying, media, and more. Requirements included experience with alcohol regulations, public speaking, fundraising, finances and media relations. All of this was supposed to be done in approximately 20 hours per week at a non-publicly disclosed salary that was privately described by a guild board member as “little pay” that would grow as the guild grows.

If there’s anyone who has experience and respect in all of those realms, it’s Russell. And this bodes well for South Jersey, as the move concentrates a good deal of power in Russell, who lives in Philly; guild president Ryan Krill, co-owner of Cape May Brewing; and guild heavyweight Gene Muller, co-owner of Somerdale’s Flying Fish Brewing. But we can’t help but wonder what guild execs offered Russell to come on board–especially considering the job had been posted for at least five months.

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