So You Wanna Be A Beer Nerd

There is no better way to achieve your goal than to check out Drexel's Fundamentals Of Beer program.



To my mind, there are basically two ways to become a bona fide beer expert.

Method One is to spend a lot of time drinking. A lot of time hanging around barrooms talking with other aspiring experts (read: drunks). A lot of time befriending and talking to people a lot smarter than you about barley pop in all its myriad variations. You should drink basically everything that’s put in front of you–from the worst mass-market brews to the best craft beers you can convince someone else to buy for you. And then, after years and years of haunting the long oak and learning everything you can about beer and brewing and the history of both (it might help if you read a couple books, too), go online, find a picture of a Harvard diploma, Photoshop in your name and the necessary details to make you a Certified Master Of Beer, then print that sucker out, frame it and hang it on the wall.

Congratulations. You’re an expert. You got your education the same way I did–haphazardly and blurrily.

Method Two, on the other hand, is a bit easier, a bit cheaper and a whole lot faster…

Drexel is currently offering a Fundamentals Of Beer course through the Center For Hospitality And Sports Management. It’s a 10-week program, taught by Drexel Professor Lynn Hoffman, PhD, and will meet from 6-9pm every Wednesday starting on September 23. Here’s the course description:

“This unparalleled academic exploration into the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage is…a wonderful opportunity for those who want to learn more about beer, meet some fellow beer lovers, and taste some of the finest brews on earth.”

Now I don’t remember much about college, but I do know that that sounds like EXACTLY the kind of thing I would’ve signed up for.

So right now you’re asking yourselves, But why is he telling us about this class? And I have an answer for you. I’m telling YOU about it, my drinky little friends, for two reasons. First, because the class is open to the public. And second, because there are currently 4 more seats left available.

It’ll run you $495 for the full 10 weeks. Pretty much the cost of a couple good bar tabs if you’re doing it right. And you can sign up through the link below.

Fundamentals Of Beer [Sign up here right now]