Good News That Looks Like Bad News: Cochon Becoming Square Pie

The restaurant gods never close a pig joint without opening a pizzeria.

Let’s start with the bad news: Cochon, Gene and Amy Giuffi’s porkerific Passyunk BYO, closed after eight years of service. Yes, that is very sad. Yes, the loss of another French restaurant is a blow. Yes, Cochon will be missed. Especially by dedicated pig addicts.

But there’s a silver lining to this cloud. The Insider is reporting that the Giuffi’s aren’t going to let the space stay dark. Because, you see, they have this other concept. A little place called Square Pie, which just happened to take home a Best Of Philly award this year. And Square Pie will be moving into the former Cochon space just as quickly as the Giuffis can manage it.

Square Pie is awesome, no doubt. But it is also tiny Like so small that it can feel crowded when you’re there alone. And, according to the Insider, the lease was running out anyway, so the timing is ideal.

Square Pie will continue serving its (award winning) pies while Cochon gets refurbished and tinkered with. When the new space is ready, the team will just migrate over to the new, larger digs and pick up right where they left off–probably some time toward the end of summer.

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