Tale of the Tape: Paesano’s Gizmo


Paesano’s take on the cheesesteak | Photo by Sara Schuster

If there were a “Sandwich Hall of Fame” (and there should be, and it of course should be located in Philadelphia) the entire menu of Paesano’s would be inducted. The Arista, Daddy Wad and Paesano are irrefutable stars of the sandwich world. Owner Peter McAndrews has said he doesn’t put a cheesesteak on the menu because he doesn’t want his sandwich shop to become just another cheesesteak spot. Understandable, but after tasting his other sandwiches, you just know he can make a great cheesesteak. And he does, periodically Paesano’s will tweet out about the Gizmo, the sandwich shop’s take on Philadelphia’s most famous sandwich is available as a special.

And today that sandwich was on special, and we couldn’t resist ordering it.

Paesano’s Old Style Sandwiches

Northern Liberties
152 West Girard Avenue
Phone: 267-886-9556

Italian Market/Bella Vista
1017 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215-922-2220

RollCarangi’s Baking Company, Italian roll, non-seeded. Gluten-free roll is available for $2 more.

Meat – Ribeye chopped into small bits. salami diced to a similar size is also mixed in with the steak.

Onion – Fried.

Cheese – Cheddar spread and sharp provolone.

Price – $9

Pro Tip – Follow @PaesPhillyStyle for when the Gizmo is available on special.

The Verdict

The Gizmo might remind some of McNally’s Schmitter, but this sandwich is served on a long roll, and like the rest of Paesano’s sandwiches, it is full of intense flavor. The sharp provolone especially, adds a zestiness to the sandwich. Would we always order the Gizmo above Paesano’s other great sandwiches? Not everytime, but if we were getting sandwiches with others, we’d happily do halves with friends.

The only lament we had, other than we shared it, is that we wished there was a better disbursement of roasted tomatoes on the sandwich.

The Gizmo is a great cheesesteak, right up there with Philadelphia’s best, and a sandwich you can love sober.

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Additional reporting by Sara Schuster.