The Expert Guide to Center City Restaurant Week

The secret deals and hidden extras of you’ll find this year.

restaurant-weekYes, it’s that time again. Center City Restaurant Week starts today, Sunday, August 2nd and, as in years past, it is a huge thing with something like a hundred participating restaurants, all competing for your sweet, sweet dollars. The basic deal is the same as always: a three-course dinner for $35 per person (not including drinks or tip) and, at many places, a three-course lunch for $20.

But here’s the thing… You people, you don’t want the basic deal, do you? If you’re reading this, you’re already used to the regular Restaurant Week rigamarole (booked-solid restaurants, long waits, exhausted staffs, SO much salmon), and are looking for something more.

You’re looking for the secret deals or hidden extras amid the piles and piles of menus being presented. You’re looking for something special. Lucky for you, we’ve already looked through them for you. We’ve made the calls and checked out the offers and, here, can present you with the Experts Guide To Gaming Center City Restaurant Week.

You’re welcome.

  • Spice 28 is offering an extra course. Not just three, but four. That’s 25% more Chinese food for you. Or something like that. I’m really bad at math.
  • Twisted Tail is having live music Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and is offering an additional amuse bouche.
  • Pumpkin is awesome. They’re also offering their Restaurant Week deal on Saturdays, which is huge. I’d definitely try to score some reservations here if I was you
  • Vintage is doing four courses rather than the usual three. So is Supper. And Garces Trading Co. And Cuba Libre and Brauhaus Schmitz.
  • Looking for something in a filet mignon? Yeah, well Del Frisco’s is participating this year and is one of the bigger deals on the list because steak is, you know, pricey.
  • Zahav is offering a gigantic menu. Also, it’s four courses for the price of three. Also, one of those courses is actually a DOUBLE course (letting you choose two plates off a long list) so, really, it’s five courses. One complication? Zahav is generally one of the first places to run out of reservations, so call them right now.
  • Hey, remember when we said that thing about steakhouses being a good deal for Restaurant Week? Yeah, well guess who else is playing along? Butcher & Singer. So we’re talking sweet corn soup, an 8oz filet with creamed spinach, and a salted chocolate and caramel tart for $35. Under normal circumstances, that filet by itself will run you $42. So yeah, you should go. Maybe twice.
  • La Peg is participating for the first time this year. So is Franky Bradley’s. Both of those are great choices, especially since Franky’s is offering their French onion pierogi and La Peg is doing some of their greatest hits, including steak frites, flammekuche, olive oil cake, salmon (natch), and roasted half-chicken with spinach and brown butter mashed potatoes.

Center City Restaurant Week [Official]