So There’s This Thing Happening On Instagram Right Now…

Marc Vetri said something ridiculous about the customers at Elixr Coffee, and now the city is responding.

Marc Vetri went to Elixr Coffee yesterday. While there, he saw a bunch of people there staring at their phones or working on their laptops rather than engaging in lively and spirited dialog with their fellow man. He snapped a picture. He put it up on Instagram. And in keeping with his new part-time gig as a full-on Method acting Grandpa Simpson impersonator, these were his thoughts…

“This is what life has boiled down to…people at a coffee shop not engaging, not communicating. No sense of community or culture. People just looking at screens. This is so sad. Never have I been to a more depressing coffee shop in my life. Dismal music, zero talking. Wake up people!!! Your life is passing you by!!!! Just look up and say hi! It’s that easy!”

Unsurprisingly, people had some things to say about this–some in support, many…not. Elixr fired back with a reply which read, in part:

Something is seriously wrong with you @marcvetri . Just because you might not understand something (or potentially an entire generation) does not give you the right to condemn it…There is no doubt in my mind that if you would have conversed with them, instead of passing condemnation on, you would understand that those folks are busy becoming doctors, tech giants, surgeons, humanitarians, and generally stuff far more important your apparent pastime of holding grudges and being a generally pessimistic jealous person.

And, today, they took things further by putting a new sign out in front of Elixr.

And Vetri? He thought the sign was missing just one thing…

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