Instagram Roundup Of The Week: Prepare For Insta-hunger (Snacks Recommended)

You know what’s hard? Picking the best ten of about a zillion awesome food instagrams from this past week. You know what’s even harder? Trying to do that without snacks (I couldn’t make it– thankfully the office has cake today).

Moral of the story? Have something delicious by your side before you look at these. You’ll thank me later.

This Grilled Chicken Sandwich is calling your name. Standard Brunch is from 11-3. Answer the call.

A photo posted by Standard Tap (@standard_tap) on

They weren’t kidding, I do believe this sandwich from Standard Tap is actually speaking to me. Few things are as perfect as a grilled chicken sandwich in the morning.  

And since we’re on a sandwich roll (ALL the puns intended), take a look at this magnificent creature from Little Nonna’s.
I considered reporting this photo as inappropriate (I feel strongly that it falls under the category of “dukka porn”), but instead immediately ordered myself some dukka. I furtively plan to cover every heirloom tomato in my life in buttermilk and dukka going forward. Heritage has got all the right ideas.

Happy Fryday. #thefatham #tgif #homeofhotchicken A photo posted by The Fat Ham (@thefatham) on

A new picture of an old favorite. The good: every time I look at this picture I am reminded of what The Fat Ham‘s hot chicken tastes like (think hot, crunchy, a little tangy, and just generally rib-sticking and fabulous). The bad: this is where the snacking begins.

That clean white plate! That perfect photo crop! Oh, those scallops! Food photography done right, over at the Drexel Food Lab.

Oh my goodness: that egg, and that steak. I’m all but seconds away from making my way to Little Spoon Cafe and popping that yolk and shoveling the whole thing directly into my mouth before anyone else can.
This, my dear friends, is a rare example of pizza-instagram-ception. We have the lovely people at Square Pie taking a photo of the unreal Stella pie at Brigantessa. Meaning it’s pizza people taking a pizza picture of other pizza people’s pizza. This is the stuff that warms my heart.

We mentioned this guy in our Burger Monday post, but he’s too delicious-looking not to include here: Shake Shack‘s new roadside burger is limited edition and delightfully photogenic. Look at those onions. Seriously.

Blueberry Pancakes with a Lemon Ricotta center. Sweet, tart, light & fluffy

A photo posted by Ants Pants Cafe (@antspantscafe) on

I would like to take a moment and interrupt the savory-ness of this post to talk about Ants Pants Cafe‘s pancakes. I want their lemon ricotta on everything. And I want these every weekend (it’s considered moderation that way, right?).

Something really amazing happened at The Gaslight this week, and everyone should know: Kentucky fried corn on the cob came back. Few things feel quite as patriotic, or quite as divine.

Last, but far from least, I leave you with a pile of meat. That is, smoked pork spareribs from Percy Street BBQ piled high for the James Beard House. I’d be willing to split ’em if anyone is hungry.