News From The New Center City Meltkraft

What was that joke? The one about being able to cook an egg on the sidewalk? Or make a grilled cheese on the hood of the car? Though it’s crazy hot out there this week, before you know it the heat will fade into cooler weather and you’ll be ready to eat something besides watermelon juice and cold sesame noodles.

The good news is that that time is going to coincide with the opening of the newest Meltkraft. When the original location of the single-farm grilled cheese shop opened in Reading Terminal back in 2013 people fell hard for grilled cheese sammies stuffed with brisket, caramelized onions, and potato chips. The next two locations of the shop have been in New York, but for location four they’re coming home to roost.

The new location will be at 46 S. 17th Street, at the corner of 17th and Chestnut. The menu will be very similar to that of the Reading Terminal location. In fact, guests to the new location can expect a few other Terminal touches. The menu will feature milkshakes made with Bassest’s Ice Cream and the addictive cookies by Famous 4th Street. Add up and downstairs seating and it would be tough to turn a visit down no matter the weather outside.

Expect a late-August, early-September opening for Meltkraft. And while we’re talking about grilled cheese, don’t forget that we also have the opening of the new Milkhouse to look forward to–coming at the end of August to the former Matyson space at 37 South 19th Street.

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