Free Food For Rastelli Market’s Anniversary

Rastelli Market‘s Marlton location is turning one next week and they’re giving away free food all week long to celebrate. Specials like BOGO breakfast sandwiches and free gourmet coffee will be constant throughout the week. Then each day will feature specials off the grill and a few more surprises. On the day that they’re featured, grilling products will be given away as free samples and will also be available for purchase at a sale price.

On Monday July 20th the outdoor grilling tent will feature free samples of Hot and Sweet store made sausage. Sausage will be available for purchase at a sale price.

On Tuesday the tent will feature samples of Bubba’s Q Deboned Baby Back Rib Steaks, which will also be on sale.

Wednesday July 22nd (actual anniversary date) they’ll be grilling samples of Rastelli Preferred Steaks with various BBQ and steak sauces. Also, every 25 people in line are going to get a $10 gift card. Finally, there’s a free Mr. Softee ice cream for everyone who shows a market receipt.

Thursday’s grilling is all about fish. They’re offering samples of swordfish, macadamia-chile lime butter sea bass, black cod, miso glazed salmon and teriyaki glazed Mahi Mahi. There will also be a Spirits and Wine Demo.

Friday features burgers. They’ve got beef, turkey and salmon samples.

Finally, on Saturday they’re doing the gift card thing again. Every 25th transaction gets a $10 gift card.

Rastelli Market Marlton [Official]