Summer BBQ Dinner at Lolita Includes Now Infamous Guacamole With Peas

The dish that drove the internet insane...

Bacon and spring pea guacamole at Lolita.

Bacon and spring pea guacamole at Lolita.

Hey, remember that thing where everyone on the internets went bonkers when the New York Times gently suggested that people might like to add green peas to their guacamole? Yeah, well look at the picture above. It appears the crew at Lolita were listening and not even denouncements from Jeb Bush and Barack Obama could sway them from their path.

And that course is just a start because Lolita is doing a full-on three-course Mexican BBQ dinner on Sunday and Monday, July 19 and 20. It covers just about every last bit of summer food you can think of.

Guacamole with green peas included.

Mexican BBQ at Lolita


First Course choice of guacamole for the table:

Traditional with shaved radish & jicama


Cripsy bacon with fresh peas & cotija cheese


Green mango with chipotle & pepitas

Second Course both plates for the table:

Tamarind-morita BBQ spare ribs

pickled mango salsa, salty peanuts, buttermilk slaw

Mexican chopped salad

shaved corn, jicama, lime, cotija, avocado, pepitas, buttermilk-herb dressing

Third Course

Mexican mixed grill

shrimp alambre with roasted pepper rajas, grilled skirt steak with grilled spring onion & olive chimichurri, grilled achiote chicken breast

served with sides of:

Mexican style street corn, chorizo & potatos, watermelon & jicama salad, horseradish crema, and warm corn tortillas

The menu will run you $35 per person excluding tax and gratuity.

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