Food Underground Launches “Cook’s Canvas” Dinner Series

Food Underground is hosting a “Cook’s Canvas” dinner series at Reading Terminal Market starting on Monday July 27th. Food Underground is a for hire dinner party service that caters meals, writes about food and supports local chefs. They kinda do it all. The company is run by Ari Miller (not to be confused with Ari Miller of 1732 Meats) who has been around the block, boasting experience at places like Percy Street Bbq and High Street. If you’re interested in what Ari’s cooking up, he has two upcoming classes at Cook (UPDATE: which are unfortunately both sold out.)

The event at Reading Terminal Market will support promising line cooks chosen by Ari, each installment of the series featuring a different chef. The best description of the event comes from Ari himself: “Cooks’ Canvas showcases such line cooks of great promise, affording them the opportunity to realize their imaginations by providing an audience to feed. In turn, the guests then feed these young cooks’ futures. This all happens in tandem with the Food Underground staff. We facilitate the framework in which dream becomes reality, connecting these aspiring artists and their patrons.”

Uh… Okay.

The launch on Monday the 27th will feature Chef Sydney Hanick, who’s a Fork alum and currently on the line at Kensington Quarters. The menu, which can be found below, will feature African flavors with an influence from French colonialism.

Flowered Fig
Cocoa butter and white balsamic

Seared Scallop
Spelt, shallot, mango and coconut

Beluga Lentil Salad
Tomato, hazelnut, herbs and date honey

Baharat Braised Goat
Fazzoletti, chevre, mint and rose

Teff Chocolate Cake
Berbere & Mead ice cream, spiced honey and summer fruit

More details about the event are available on the event’s Facebook page, and tickets can be purchased here.

Food Underground [Official]