A Chance To Be Food Truck Royalty At Mt. Airy’s Street Fare

Last year's Street Fare in Mt. Airy.

Last year’s Street Fare in Mt. Airy.

Back for another year, Mt. Airy’s Street Fare is coming this September (the 27th to be exact) to bring everything from notable local restaurants, to craft brews, to award-winning food trucks all to Germantown Avenue.

But there’s a catch. Lacking local funding this year, the organizers have a new plan: an Indiegogo page now allows you to donate and help fund the event. And they’ve got a bunch of perks to offer in return.

So what will you get?

The lowest donation ($5) gets you a Mt. Airy Cup, while the options go all the way up to a $300 donation, which can either score you a reserved table at which to sit and enjoy your food, or getting your name in the program. For those of us who wish to be recognized as royalty in our daily lives, a $10 donation enters you in a raffle to be Street Fare Royalty–meaning you could be one of two winners who will get to cut all the lines, as well as nab two free plates of your choice at every vendor you hit.

Like the man says. It’s good to be the King.

For more information on the donations and perks, check out the campaign.

And more on the food (since you were probably about to ask): Mt. Airy restaurants Earth Bread + Brewery and Trolley Car Diner will both be taking part, as well as 50+ other vendors that will include The Cow and The Curd, Mac Mart, Hocks N Coqs, and Dos Hermanos.

There will be art, music, dancing; all your normal festival behavior. All I know is this: I’d look good as royalty. See you there?

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