New Liberty Distillery Opens for Tours

new-liberty-distilling-400Tomorrow, Saturday, July 11th, Kensington’s New Liberty Distillery opens to the public for the first time. The Distillery is located at 1431 North Cadwallader Street and is offering several levels of tours and tastings.

Among the spirits being sampled are Kinsey Rye, Kinsey 7 Year Old, New Liberty White Whiskey and New Liberty Rye Vodka.

The Kinsey brand is made from a blend of ryes sourced, blended and bottled by Master Distiller, Robert Cassell. Cassell, formerly master distiller at Philadelphia Distilling, is a principle and master distiller at New Liberty Distilling. The White Whiskey and Rye Vodka are Cassell’s first products made at New Liberty.

Just the Basics: $10
We start with a tour of all the first floor whiskey making areas including the still, fermentation tanks, mill and grain storage room, and bottling line. We then head up to the second floor rick house to tour where we let our barrels gracefully age. Finally, we head up to the third floor bar and tasting room where you will get to sample both Kinsey Rye and Kinsey 7 year old, as well as your choice of either NewLiberty Rye Vodka or New Liberty White Whiskey.

Make Me a VIP: $15
We present you with a special Scottish made Glencairn Whiskey glass that you can both use for your sampling and take home as a souvenir ($10 Value). This glass is a traditional nosing glass used by master whiskey blenders. The pinched waist is designed to hold the aroma in the glass, and the tapered nose directs the bouquet up to your nose so that you really experience the whiskey in the proper manner. We will include everything from the “just the basics” tour as well as feature a sampling of our Kinsey Bourbon and let you sample both New Liberty White Whiskey and New Liberty Rye Vodka.

I Want It All: $20
You get everything listed on the VIP tour but what makes this tour even more special is the additional sampling of our two cask strength whiskeys – Kinsey Rye and Kinsey 7 year. Both products are taken right from the barrel at 115 proof, then filtered to remove the charcoal and bottled for the ultimate whiskey experience. We even add a sampling of the barrel strength New Liberty White Whiskey so you get to experience how whiskey tastes before the oak barrels perform their aging magic.

New Liberty Distillery Tour [Millstone Distilling Group]