The Best Chef, Restaurant and Foodie Instagrams of the Week

Local Tomatoes w/ Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Pickled Rhubarb, Dukkah

A photo posted by pumpkin byob (@pumpkinphilly) on

Pumpkin BYOB, #4 on our list of 50 Best Restaurants, is doing its tasting menu justice with its Instagram posts. Look for bright colors, seasonal foods and updates on their changing menu.

black pepper glazed octopus, cashew butter, sugar snaps & garbanzos A photo posted by Vernick Food & Drink (@vernickphilly) on

Vernick Food + Drink’s Instagram smartly uses dark backdrops to make their dramatic dishes pop.

Regram and photo from @madisonalpern tonight @aldinephilly House made fazzoletti w/ some fresh Italian truffle.

A photo posted by George Sabatino (@gwsabatino) on

If Instagram is any indication, George Sabatino has hit his stride at Aldine.

Consider this a PSA. The world needs to know that Chef Joe Cicala’s Brigantessa offers squash blossom pizza with rock shrimp.

Razor clam, green tomato, trout roe and ponzu made by @nicholaselmi at last night’s private event   A photo posted by COOK (@audreyclairecook) on

Because razor clams always deserve an Instagram.

You must wait for the weekend. Standard Brunch is 11-3 Saturday and Sunday. A photo posted by Standard Tap (@standard_tap) on

Thinking about weekend brunch. Standard Tap clearly still delivers.

A peak in the pot of the mise for a yuzu peach sorbet. #cooldesserts   A photo posted by vedge restaurant (@vedgephiladelphia) on

Picture of vedge at Vedge. These guys have no trouble making their food look awesome. Not too many people can get us this excited about a fully vegetarian meal.

Doesn’t matter what flavor that curiously green ice cream is; Amis chef Brad Spence convinces us it’s our new favorite dessert.

Yes, this is mac n cheese INSIDE of fried chicken. The Mac Mart is easily one of the best food trucks that Philly has to offer.

Marcie Turney may claim to still be doing menu testing for her new restaurant Bud & Marilyn’s, but we’re pretty sure she’s just torturing us at this point.

French toast gets fancy at Tria. Check out their new(ish) location at Fitler Square.

Sooo much cheese oozing outta this shroom burger #fomofood   A photo posted by FOMO FOOD (@fomofood) on

Yes, this looks amazing, but can be made even more amazing by the fact that you can take this oozing, cheesy shroom burger and slap a real Shake Shack burger on top of it. The picture lives up to the Instagram account’s name: serious fomo (fear of missing out) on this one.