The Treemont Is Closed (For Now)

Photo by Alex Tewfik

Photo by Alex Tewfik

Fans of Chip Roman‘s New American restaurant got some bad news yesterday when their Open Table reservations were cancelled through the end of July. There were some phone calls as well, and the reason given for the closure? Water damage.

We reached out to Roman to see what was up (because we weren’t the only ones skeptical about a three-week closure for a leaky pipe), and he responded thusly:

“All good here
Just making adjustments
Thanks for checking in”

Which, not for nothing, is just a couple syllables short of being a haiku.

Anyway, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the place in the upcoming weeks. Because Jason Cichonski, his partner at Ela, made pretty good use of the “water damage” excuse once, too…

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