The Most Exciting Taco News You Will Read Today

What a beauty.

What a beauty.

There are many reasons why what I am about to announce is extraordinarily exciting. The top three are:

Reason one: free.

Reason two: lobster.

Reason three: tacos.

Bring in the dancing lobsters!

Has your heart rate returned to normal yet? (We’re not insured for free-lobster-taco-related heart attacks, so please breathe deeply before reading on for details).

Manayunk, you are the lucky home of Union Taco. And Union Taco is soon to be the home of the lobster roll taco. Yes, you heard me correctly: starting at noon on Saturday the 4th, the first 76 people to visit Union Taco will be receiving their very own free lobster roll taco with any taco, burrito, torta, or salad they order. As chef/owner Nick Farina says, “Our Lobster Roll Taco is truly an homage to the classic Maine lobster roll, and to me, it’s not really summer until I’ve had fresh lobster!” Well, Nick, let’s bring on summer then, huh?

At $7 a taco, this free lobster situation is definitely a steal for something so amazing. The taco will be stuffed with chili butter-basted lobster, guacamole, lettuce and tomato… and the first 76 of them will be free. Are you writing this down?

Seriously, we are talking all the fun of a lobster roll, now happening in taco form. That is big news, people!

It’s patriotic because Maine is a state, and because it’s free. Do you need more of a reason to do this on the Fourth of July?

We didn’t think so.

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