The Twisted Tail Celebrates Four Years

Duck nuggets at the Twisted Tail.

Duck nuggets at the Twisted Tail. Because who doesn’t love duck nuggets?

When the month of my birth rolls around, I tend to celebrate for the entire 30 days. The Twisted Tail seems to have the same idea: as July marks their fourth year, they will be celebrating on all the days of the month that have the number 4 in them.

What’s the party to entail? Join the Twisted Tail on the 4th, the 14th, and the 24th of July for $4 appetizers and $4 Manhattans in honor of the southern-inspired bourbon house and juke joint. Depending on the day, the appetizer deals will rotate, but will likely include items like mac & cheese, grilled corn on the cob, grilled gulf shrimp, crispy pig ears, asparagus & leeks, or their acclaimed duck nuggets.

Also, there will definitely be duck nuggets involved in my next birthday-month extravaganza.

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