Edible Philanthropy: Philly Style Bagels Is So Close To Hitting Their Crowd Funding Goal

philly-style-bagels-400Following a year of pop-up bagel days at Pizzeria Beddia (recently named as possessing the best pizza in the United States, which has nothing at all to do with bagels, but we’re gonna keep reminding you anyway), Fishtown’s favorite bagel boys from Philly Style Bagels are in the home stretch of an Indiegogo campaign that will help outfit their new, permanent bake space.

Yes, you read that right. They’ve secured a location right on Palmer Park, but with just a few days left they’re still about $7k shy of the $20,000 they’ll need to buy their own oven, even larger than the one they’ve been using at Beddia, and keep the bagels rolling out hot, fresh, and at reasonable prices.

The good news is that there’s still time for we, the lovers of carbohydrates in Philadelphia, to help them meet their goal. Sure, you could donate a buck or two. Every little bit helps and all that. But help a little more and you’ll qualify for perks, and plenty of inexpensive ones are still on offer.

Throw in $10 and you get a bumper sticker. $15 gets you that, a bagel with cream cheese, and a coffee! $250 and you can throw a party for 20: three dozen bagels, three pints of cream cheese, coffee, and a platter of smoked fish and veggies. If you’re one of those bagel high rollers (get it? because bagels are round?) $395 gets you “OG status”–a 25% off discount card valid for their first year of business. Not that you need it, you devil you. And if you’re just that much of a narcissist, kick in $500 for a chance to collaborate with PSB and name a specialty bagel sandwich which you will then get to eat FOR FREE while it’s on the menu.

With 66 hours left they’re at 66% of their goal. But we’re pretty confident that Foobooz readers can help them close the gap.

Philly Style Bagels on IndieGoGo [Official]