The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


It’s as if the Supreme Court timed things on purpose, because it’s not just the sidewalks of the Gayborhood and your Facebook feed that are going to be filled with rainbows this weekend. Celebrate marriage equality at your local farmer’s market this weekend with the honest-to-goodness rainbow of color (see what I did there?) you’ll find in the brand new market additions for the week.

Beets – Beautiful bunches of beets with their greens are hitting the tables! Lots of folks have red beets including Landisdale (Chestnut Hill, Clark Park) and Blooming Glen (Headhouse), but look also golden ones and the candy-striped chioggia variety as well. Taproot Farm (Chestnut Hill) has both.

Carrots – Fresh carrots with their greens still on are a hugely different specimen from winter’s long keeping carrots come January. Juicy, snappy, and filled with water, don’t bother peeling or cooking these beauties. Remove the greens unless you’re planning to eat them right away (as they’ll keep drawing energy from the roots) and then eat them raw. Look for them at Root Mass Farm (Headhouse).

Sweet Corn – Just in time for the fourth of July, sweet corn from AT Buzby farm (Headhouse) is back on the block. It’s early yet, so some of the ears are on the smaller side, but even small ears of local corn are far better tasting than the stuff you’ll find at the grocery store.

Cabbage – Sorry, cabbage. You’re never going to be the star of the party when there are things like cherries and apricots showing up at market, but we all know that you pull your weight in the summer slaw department. Plus, you’re super juicy right now and you’re so nice to have around for shredding into salads or, even better, onto tacos. I’ll be sure to say hi when I see you at Three Springs (Headhouse) or Taproot (Chestnut Hill) this weekend.

Blueberries – Though your attention should still definitely be on devouring this year’s bumper crop of cherries (seriously folks, it seldom gets this good in the cherry department. Go get yourself some.), but it sure is nice to see the baby blues return as well. Frecon has them, as does Beechwood both at the Rittenhouse market.

Black Raspberries – Representing the purple end to this week’s produce rainbow, black raspberries have a very short season and they’ve just started to appear. Smaller and seedier than blackberries, black raspberries have particular, floral flavor that is absolutely fantastic especially when cooked. Pick up a few early peaches and make a crisp or a cobbler with them and you’ll see why they’re a local favorite.