The First Phase of The Playground Is Opening This Weekend

Concept for The Playground's T Street.

Concept for The Playground’s T Street.

With record speed, the first phase of The Playground, known as “T Street,” is officially opening its doors to the public this Friday in Atlantic City.

The Playground is Bart Blatstein‘s reinvigoration program for the Pier Shops at Ceasars, which will hold 14 music venues, two private clubs, a bowling alley and a massive sports bar when all’s said and done. Since we’ve already talked venues, attractions, and construction, how about we talk eats?

Blatstein previously announced he was teaming up with Garces Events to provide food and drink options throughout the venues on T Street, the first floor arcade that has been constructed to resemble music row in Nashville, or Beale Street in Memphis. Each of the venues along T Street is themed, and the food will follow suit.

But here’s something new to add to the food information: Starr Restaurants has renewed the leases for his two restaurants on the pier (The Continental and Buddakan). Given that Starr sued the Pier Shops at Caesars in 2009, claiming he had been tricked into binding leases on the pier when he tried to back out during construction, it is certainly interesting to see that he’s giving the spot another go.

As for those Garces spots, here’s what we know:

T Street will hold 5 pubs: TAG, Bo’s, Purdy, 1921, and Bluey. As well, outside the music and events space, 39N, there will be a beer garden on the pier’s back deck called the Riviera.

Ambitious to be sure; but Blatstein has said he won’t fail in Atlantic City, and having Philadelphia’s two premier restaurateurs as allies, makes his case stronger.

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