Zeppoli Hosting Sicilian Barbecues on Mondays Throughout the Summer

Spiedini di pesce misto from last week's sicilian BBQ at Zeppoli.

Spiedini di pesce misto from last week’s sicilian BBQ at Zeppoli.

Joey Baldino is doing it again. The chef is cooking a Sicilian barbecue at his Zeppoli every Monday during the summer. A couple caveats: reservations are required, and so is a party of at least six.

Each meal is centered around a particular roasted meat (last week was a whole pig, this week was goat) with four or five other Mediterranean-style courses that focus on representing the whole of Sicilian cuisine (think lots of seafood, as well as dishes such as melon draped in prosciutto, or octopus and swordfish skewers).

Want more specific examples? While the menu will not stay the same from week to week, this may help give you an idea of what you might have. Last week’s menu featured:

Spiedini di pesce misto – grilled shrimp, scallop, and swordfish skewers with citrus

Spit roasted capretto with eggplant salsa picante

Agrodolce pomegranate roasted chickens

Grilled octopus on a giant lima bean salad

Burrata with marinated tomatoes, fresh basil, and grilled semolina bread

The meal is meant to be informal–reminiscent of the food you would have at a friend’s or a grandfather’s backyard in Sicily. If, like many of us unlucky folk, you don’t have a friend or grandfather in Sicily currently firing up a barbecue, then this could be the meal to fill that void.

And just think. By saving the airfare on a flight to Sicily, this meal is a bargain at $75 per person (not including tax and tip). Also, though the restaurant accepts credit cards, this particular event is cash only.

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