Vegans Just Wanna Have Fun: Wine Dinner At Charlie Was A Sinner With NBA Star (And Vegan Activist) John Salley


Vegan wine is a thing. Kinda. In any event, it’s certainly a thing now–in this everything-healthy, everything-kind, everything-vegetable moment that we’re living in. And Charlie Was A Sinner is having a wine dinner to celebrate it.

For our friends out there who just can’t stomach (literally or figuratively) the thought of animal products being anywhere near their food or booze, wine can be a problem. Because while yes, it is, essentially, made from nothing but grapes and time, most wineries also use a variety of animal products (blood or fat or glycerin) to clarify the wines and remove any impurities from the final product. It’s kind of like making a consomme–you need something to make that liquid crystal-clear and, in this case (as with consommes) animal products usually make up the raft.

But have no fear. Wherever there’s a market, someone will come along with a product to sell. And in the case of this wine dinner at Charlie Was A Sinner, that someone is John Salley–former NBA star, vegan activist and part owner of The Vegan Vine.

The dinner is next Tuesday, June 23, from 7pm-9pm. Salley will be there, pouring two different vegan wines (a cabernet sauvignon and a chardonnay) and talking about The Vegan Vine. He’ll probably answer questions, too, if you ask nicely. Questions like: Seriously, vegan wines? What, you weren’t able to get your hands on enough kale to open a smoothie business?

Or, you know, maybe something a little more polite than that.

Anyway, the crew at Charlie will also be serving some snacks to go with the wines. They’ll be doing zuchini ceviche with the cabernet and smoked tofu tacos with the chardonnay, with samples of the wine available for free, and full pours for $10. Each paired plate will run you $5. So to drink both wines and eat both courses, you’re talking $30. But if you’re a vegan who has been refusing to drink all that crazy blood-and-glycerin-tainted wine out there and therefore facing your veganism sober right up until this moment, I guess $30 probably looks like a bargain, right?

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