Diner en Blanc Updates

The Diner en Blanc Preview Party in the Headhouse Shambles.

The Diner en Blanc Preview Party in the Headhouse Shambles.

Following the preview party on Tuesday, we’ve got more news about Diner en Blanc.

First off, this year’s picnic will officially be on August 20th.

For those who registered for tickets, there will officially be 4,300 slots available when tickets do go on sale, meaning there are 800 more openings in comparison to last year. Still, with 26,231 people on the wait list, getting a ticket won’t exactly be easy.

More on those tickets: they will be released in three phases throughout the month of July. The first and second rounds will be regular registration openings, while the third round will employ a new lottery technique. Guests names will be run through a software program and they will then receive an email inviting them to register on specific times and dates before their individual registration code expires (at which point new names will be selected to register).

As we mentioned in our last post, Luke Palladino Catering will be joining DiBruno Brothers and Garces in providing food for the event, and the location will not be revealed until the very day of the event itself.

If you have not yet registered, here’s the place to do it.  And while you’re at it, start dusting off that white suit.

Diner en Blanc [Official]