Pigging Out At La Calaca Feliz


Have you got $35? Are you hungry and/or badly in need of a drink?

Then you’re going to want to cancel whatever plans you have for tomorrow night and do this instead.

The folks at La Calaca Feliz are throwing another Pigout party tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 9), featuring a whole roasted suckling pig as the guest of honor. That $35 I asked you about? That (plus tax and tip) will get you all the pig you can eat, plus chips, guacamole and seasonal sides.

It’ll also get you all the Feliz margaritas you can drink, plus red and white sangria and drafts of Dos Equis and Corona (light). For those of you who can stand being distracted from your pig-eating and margarita-drinking, the crew is going to be hosting a corn hole tournament, too. Winners get tee shirts.

They’re only taking reservations for 60 people for the event, so if you’re interested in eating a whole lot of pig on a Tuesday night, you know who to call.

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