Celebrate Beer Week By Funding Beer Bagels

Everything bagels from Philly Style Bagels.

Everything bagels from Philly Style Bagels.

A really great bagel is kind of the unicorn of the bread realm. Elusive. Ephemeral. Often the main character of an all-too-realistic, carb-based dream.

They’re contentious– what even is a great bagel, and does it really matter if it is about to be toasted and topped? (Serious Eats recently addressed the matter).

Whatever your definition, really show-stopping bagels are few and far between. Especially in Philadelphia.

But for those lucky enough to live nearby (or strong-willed enough to drag themselves to Fishtown for breakfast early on a Sunday morning), you’ve probably had the chance to try Philly Style Bagels during one of their pop-ups at Pizzeria Beddia. They’ve proved to sell out crazy fast, though, meaning that the less fortunate (and the late sleepers) have not had the opportunity to get slow-fermented, hand-rolled, and beer-boiled bagels into their mouths.

Did we mention the beer-water boiling before baking gives them a malty flavor, alongside a soft inside and crunchy exterior? Yeah, we may have spotted a unicorn here.

If you have not begun to salivate at the idea of a malty/sweet bagel, its probably time to close out the page (and talk to some sort of professional). If you have, however, and now want a consistent way to get your hands on one of these, here’s an idea.

Philly Style Bagels has launched an Indiegogo page to fund an oven of their very own (a larger version of the one in Beddia’s kitchen) for their own brick-and-mortar joint set to open later in the summer. Contributors will be rewarded for their donations if the business can meet their goal of $20,000. Go all in and donate $500 to name a sandwich after yourself, or even just donate $10 and get a sticker. Really, any donation could bring you that much closer to a really great bagel. Isn’t that the dream?

Philly Style Bagels [Official]