All The Best Stuff: Your Philly Beer Week Guide For Wednesday, June 3

philly beer week pbw 400Welcome to Wednesday, drinkers. Time to coddle those livers, set a reasonable pace, and make sure there’s still a little bit of sprint left in you for the final leg of Beer Week this weekend.

As we’ve been doing all week, we’re here to help you navigate the enormous, alcoholic labyrinth that is Beer Week by picking three excellent events to focus on–one featuring great beer, one featuring great food (and beer) and one that’s just, you know, weird (and has beer).

For tonight, we’ve got a backyard BBQ, a whole lot of oysters, and a good reason to go to prison.

Check out our picks after the jump.

Oysters, Bitches and Fishes

You know what pairs well with oysters? Pretty much anything other than bubblegum. You know what pairs really well with oysters? Beer. So tonight, the crew at McCrossen’s will be pouring oyster stouts from Flying Fish and Flying Dog and pairing them with oyster specials from the kitchen.

McCrossen’s Tavern [Official]

Bell’s BBQ at American Sardine Bar

Sometimes we forget how good we have it in Philadelphia. But you don’t have to go far to find a beer wasteland. Did you know that in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, you can’t even get Bell’s beer? But today you can find ten of the Michigan beers on tap at American Sardine Bar plus cans in the backyard, where Scott Schroeder will be firing up the grill. Beers to be expected: Pearl Necklace, Dead Rise, Raging Bitch and SuperTramp from Flying Dog; Exit 1, Exit 4, Farmhouse and Gone Fishin’ IPA from Flying Fish.

American Sardine Bar [Foobooz]

Let’s Go To Prison!

Beer Week is full of oddities. Live owls show up to some events. There are robot fights and surprise concerts. And sometimes you can even go tour a historic prison. While drinking. And then leave, go to a bar, and drink some more. As a matter of fact, you can do that tonight, with a guided tour of Eastern State Penetentiary complete with tastings of Stoudt’s Willie Sutton–the house lager of London Grill. Then, when you’re done with the tour, its on to London Grill itself, for more Stoudt’s beers, plus snacks from the bar menu. Tickets for this one are $40.

London Grill [Foobooz]