All The Best Stuff: Your Philly Beer Week Guide For Monday, June 1

philly beer week pbw 400Okay everyone, deep breath.

We’ve all made it through the first weekend of Philly Beer Week, but things are far from over. For you happy few who live life with no governor (or fear of hangovers or liver damage), just keep right on doing what you’re doing–bouncing around from event to event like sharks who have to keep drinking to survive. But for those of you out there looking to pace yourselves just a little, we’ve put together a list of the three coolest events happening tonight–one for the food nerds who love beer, too, one for the beer nerds who care about nothing else, and one for folks who just love seeing robots fight.

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Deep Dish Pizza Is Not Pizza, It’s Tomato Casserole.

But hey, if you’re into that kind of thing, you gotta get to Alla Spina tonight. Because not only are they turning over their taps to the guys from Half Acre Beer Company (out of Chicago, natch), but they’re also giving up their kitchen for the night, too. Starting at 5pm, and for one night only, the menu will be devoted to deep dish pizzas (read: casseroles). Two other good things? The Half Acre crew are also in charge of the sound system for the night. And if you hang out at the bar long enough, Industry Night starts at 10pm).

Alla Spina [Foobooz]

Port Brewing and Lost Abbey at Khyber Pass Pub

Get two great breweries at one bar tonight as Port/Lost Abbey brewer Tomme Arthur will be holding court at Old City’s Khyber Pass Pub. Arthur will be bringing out some of his most sought after beers tonight (seven beers available only at the Khyber), including Lost Abbey’s Bat Out of Hell and Framboise de Amorosa.

Khyber Pass Pub [Foobooz]

Finally, A Sports Bar That Pays Attention To The One Sport That REALLY Matters: Robot Fighting

Dead serious, here: Founding Fathers is holding a Rock ’em Sock ‘Em Robots tournament tonight. Registration starts at 8pm. The (plastic) fists start flying at 8:30. And there will be prizes for the top fighters. So get your thumbs limbered up and get down there early to make sure you get onto the card. (Oh, and there’ll also be beer–Stoudt’s Brewing Company will be in the house pouring pints, goblets and growlers of Patriotic Pils, Karnival Kolsch, Heifer-In-Wheat and Multiple Personality Disorder.)

Founding Fathers Sports Bar [f8b8z]