High Street On Market Goes Big On The Farm-To-Table Action


This starts with a partnership–just announced between Plowshare Farms (with land in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties) and High Street Hospitality Group (which operates Fork, High Street, a.bar and a.kitchen). The two groups got together with the idea of bringing fresh produce to the restaurants and, further, to Old City as a whole. The results? Something a bit more far-reaching.

The partnership became the core of a whole new program now being rolled out by HSHG–a program which includes both a new weekly farmers market for Old City and a Plowshare CSA pick-up location. Nice, right? But there’s more, too.

That farmers market will run every Saturday, from 10:30am to 3:30pm, starting June 13, right out in front of High Street. Plowshare will be there, of course, but there’ll also be some other local producers, including other growers, cheesemakers and artisans. And High Street will be putting their good name out on the sidewalk as well, offering their prepared food for sale, while twice a month Tenaya Darlington (that’s Madame Fromage to you) will curate a special guest list of local producers to bring in to the market.

Then, on Thursdays, High Street will also act as the pickup location for a Plowshare Farm CSA. There are a limited number of spaces available for this (and you can sign up right here if you’re interested). And of course, Plowshare will now be exclusively growing produce for the HSHG restaurants–meaning that they’ll be well-stocked throughout the seasons with all the good stuff coming up out of the dirt.

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