Bringing Kensington Quarters Home For The Holiday Weekend

Kensington Quarters' Meats.

Kensington Quarters’ Meats.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which means summer is not far, migrations to the shore are in the works, and shorts may soon be a necessity.

Oh, and it’s grilling season, too. Which is where Kensington Quarters comes in.

While we here at Foobooz tend toward discussing the restaurant scene (meaning places to go where people will cook food for you), here’s something you can take back to your own grill.

Known for it’s meat-heavy menu, Kensington Quarters is stocking up its butcher counter for the summer. Think house-made sausages and hot dogs, legs of goat and lamb, steak cuts aplenty–and all sourced by Bryan Mayer, head butcher and co-owner, from local farms including Tussock Sedge, Stryker Farms, and Gobbler’s Ridge.

In February, Trey Popp noted that the butcher component was one of the high points of the Kensington Quarters enterprise. And if ever there were a time to test his theory, this weekend would be it.

Selections will vary based on availability, of course, but expected to be included in the KQ butcher’s case are:

Ribeye ($21/lb. bone-in; $24/lb. de-boned)
NY Strip ($21/lb. bone-in; $24/lb. de-boned)
London Broil ($12/lb.)
Porterhouse and T-bone ($25/lb.)
Butterflied leg of lamb ($14/lb.)
Butterflied leg of goat ($15/lb.)
Chuck Steak ($12/lb.)
Spatchcocked chicken (“brick chicken” – $6/lb.)
Lamb, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo sausages ($10/lb.)
Goat sausage ($12/lb.)
Burger grind ($10/lb.)
Hot dogs (mix of beef and pork; $12/lb.)
Baker Street Bread burger and hot dog rolls ($5 per half-dozen)

The butcher shop at Kensington Quarters is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Sunday until 5 p.m.

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