New Cocktail Tasting Menu At Franklin Mortgage

The first cocktail tasting menu rolled out by the Franklin–a perfectly-pitched winter list called “Dutch Country Memories” by head bartender Sara Justice–was intriguing. This second one just looks awesome.

This one, called simply “Thaw” is all about the joys of a shoulder season, as interpreted through booze. So there’s a little spring in there, a little chill, a little, I dunno… Dampness.

But seriously, check out the bones of the list below (and bear in mind that there’ll be an additional three glasses added to the progression when you sit down).



It Begins with a Seed made with reposado tequila, mezcal,

sunflower seed and malva flower, served hot


Sweater Weather made with bourbon, grapefruit, fennel, Peychaud’s bitters,

whipped Earl Grey honey, served up


In Bloom made with American gin, dry vermouth, chamomile,

white chocolate, honey grappa, served up


Berry Patch made with Barbados rum, strawberry,

wheat berry, cream, and egg white, served up


Fruits of Our Labor made with London dry gin, Bonal, green Chartreuse, honeydew melon, mint, lime and pineapple juices, served on crushed ice

Going in for the full tasting (these five cocktails, plus three more) will run you $65, plus tax and tip–which, even though we’re not talking about full-sized or super-powered drinks in many cases, is still a great deal for for an eight-glass flight.

Thaw is available at the Franklin right now.

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