A Double-Shot Of Good News From Bing Bing Dim Sum


Right from the start, we’ve been pretty into Bing Bing. Slap down a fusion-y dim sum joint on Passyunk and fill it with soup dumplings, reuben bao and pitchers of rum-heavy cocktails, and really, what’s not to like? No, not everything there has gone perfectly smoothly (Trey Popp had a bone or two to pick in his recent review), but sometimes that’s the risk you accept when dealing with a place where the kitchen’s menu design ethos is something akin to try everything once, try the good stuff twice.

But now, we have two things happening that actually make us like the place even more. First, they’ve just added delivery through Caviar and, starting tomorrow, they’re gonna have a happy hour.

The delivery thing is the easiest to unpack, so let’s do that first.

Now you can get Bing Bing delivered. That means delicious jade dumplings and Pac-Man buns will be brought to you while you sit on your couch watching Futurama re-runs. And that is just awesome.

Happy hour? Almost as awesome as couch dumplings, but requiring a bit more explanation. Bing Bing’s happy hour will run from 5-7pm, Monday through Thursday. Also, there’ll be a late night happy hour on Fridays and Saturdays from 11pm-12am. There will be drink specials, of course. A $5 food menu, including some stuff off the regular dinner menu and some extra additions made just during these happiest of hours. Oh, and what’s that? Of course we have a copy of the menu for you…


Caviar delivery is available now (well, tonight). Happy hour starts tomorrow. A plate of wings and a High Life for $7? That sounds pretty good to me.

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